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Our Vision: Establish and grow the workforce needed to expand 5G and broadband access in Ohio.

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Our Mission

Our Mission: 5G-OH aims to design and implement curricula and programming for Ohio’s Broadband and 5G Sector Partnership in an effort to develop a skilled broadband and 5G workforce, establishing career pathways, K-12 outreach, and forming statewide regional partnerships between education and industry providers. Once developed, the programs will be available to all higher education institutions in Ohio to implement. 

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5G is expected to transform how people and machines communicate, how industries do business, and enable “smart” and connected communities. Accelerating the pace at which 5G can be expanded will have massive economic and workforce benefits. The research produced by the Center has included asset mapping, DACUM analysis, workforce supply and demand gap analysis, and skillshed analysis.These analytic activities are providing a comprehensive view of the telecommunications industry workforce within Ohio, through examination of existing and available training and educational offerings and the needs of employers, current workers, job seekers and students.

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Workforce Development:

The 5G and Broadband Connectivity Center seeks to deliver curriculum, research innovation, and workforce development solutions through their activities across Ohio State; the Center combines activities from Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, the Ohio Education Research Center, and the Center on Education and Training and Employment to inform industry and government in the 5G/Broadband space. Our Center houses the Industry Sector Partnership, a collaboration between the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and the Wireless Infrastructure Association. Our combined efforts in this space facilitate the 5G and Broadband build-out across Ohio, with an emphasis on bridging the digital divide.